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Email Hosting 100 MB

For personal use



  • 25 E-mail Account
  • 100 MB storage
  • Anti-Spam Protection
  • Secure Webmail

Email Hosting 1 GB

For startup



  • 25 E-mail Account
  • 1GB storage
  • Anti-Spam Protection
  • Secure Webmail

Email Hosting 5 GB

For small business



  • 50 E-mail Account
  • 5GB storage
  • Anti-Spam Protection
  • Secure Webmail

Email Hosting 20 GB

For companies



  • Unlimited E-mail Account
  • 20GB storage
  • Anti-Spam Protection
  • Secure Webmail
All plans above include:

Access your email anywhere

Anti-Spam Protection

configurable email filters

Free daily backup


Moneyback guaranteed

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Best Anti-spam filters & security

Keep your inbox and your stored information secure with anti-spam filters and anti-phishing protection.

POP3 or IMAP allows you to manage your email service with commonly-used email programs like Gmail, Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac OSX Mail, and many others.

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Most frequently asked questions

Your question. Our answer. Also please read our knowledgebase page to know everything about our services and products.

What is the difference between free email, like Google’s Gmail, and Arahoster?

Arahoster email hosting services provides a unique email address that is linked to your domain name. Instead of [email protected], your email address will be [email protected], which makes it both more memorable and more credible. Furthermore, paid email services offer enhanced features, including multiple users’ synchronization with multiple devices (IMAP), and integrated contacts, calendars, file storage, and more. These features benefit end user experiences in businesses and groups.

What's the difference between IMAP and POP?

Arahoster email offers two types of email delivery, POP3 and IMAP4. If you plan to use webmail with only one computer or email client (such as Microsoft Outlook), it is best to use a POP account. If you will use email with more than one computer, smartphone(s), or email clients, IMAP will be your preferred option. IMAP allows all your devices to be in sync, meaning that when, for example, you delete a message on your smartphone, that message is deleted automatically on all your other devices.

Do I have to own a Domain Name to buy an email package?

Yes. One of the best parts of Email Hosting is having an address that reflects your personality and identity, whether personally or in business. Don’t have a domain? Don’t worry. You can buy one at the same time as you get an email package.

What are my email sending limits?

We impose a limit of 7,000 messages per e-mail address, 9,500 recipients, 2,000 unique recipients per day (24 hours)

Can I migrate my email and contacts from other platforms?

Of course! our dedicated Customer Success Team will be here to help you out!

Can I set up email accounts on Apple/Android devices?

Each email hosting plan is fully compatible with any mobile device or mail client.